SRM - Social Resources Management AB

SRM’s consultants build on experiences from more than 30 countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East and Europe. We provide project support services in various sectors to development agencies working in global south. SRM works in the spirit of public service with aim of bringing about sustainable and qualitative change. Specifically our expertise surrounds the themes of project design, monitoring and evaluation as well as evidence based reporting and publication.


While global currents, themes and priorities of international development undergo continuous revision and change, evidence in the transition from MDGs to SDGs, the core elements of project design has retained much continuity over time. From problem analysis, to formulation objectives, to organising financial and human resources under a logical frame work – SRM consultants work to ensure that views of stake holders, managers, staff and beneficiaries are represented.


Any project’s impact depends not only on strategic project design but, increasingly, on the quality on monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Today global standards and expectations on M&E are significantly higher than in the past, particularly with regards to transparency and stakeholder’s bias. Using world standards of intelligent and efficient information systems, SRM consultants work alongside IT professionals to deliver critical information to project managers and stake holders.


In line with rising global standards of project design and M&E, expectations on evidence based reporting have risen as well. Contemporary data collection methods today typically require a balanced mix of qualitative and quantitative types of inquiry. SRM applies what we call the “Q-squared approach” to all aspects of evidence based reporting. Quality in research method should be reflected in quality of presentation of social-scientific material. Policy-makers and policy advocates need facts that are presented up-front and easily verifiable. SRM provides fact-checking, re-formatting and pre-publication support to development projects.